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Uke Events

2020 san diego retreat

the team

Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel have been teaching and performing around the globe for 15 years. Their passion for teaching is evident in every workshop they teach, including their Online ‘Ukulele School with ArtistWorks. They are thrilled to be hosting this San Diego Retreat!


Neal Chin has been teaching and performing for 16 years. His latest album, “Ukulele Paintings” was nominated for a Nā Hōkū Hanohano award. This will be his second Craig & Sarah Event as a member of staff.

Milo Fultz has been performing and teaching with Craig & Sarah for the past 10 years. He’s been an integral part of Craig & Sarah’s ‘Ukulele Cruises, and is excited to be a part of this land based retreat.


Marion Koleski is a Michigan based travel agent and event developer.  She has played ukulele for 9 years. Founder of the KalamazUkes club, her joy comes from facilitating the community and sense of discovery offered by the ukulele. 

the ukulele

Every participant receives an exclusive limited edition Kanile'a Oha ukulele with case! 


This Limited Edition Oha Series, by Kanile’a is made for Craig & Sarah’s ‘Ukulele Retreat. This Hawai’i hand crafted instrument is a mix of solid woods - the top and headstock are Koa, and the back, sides, & neck  are Mahogany. The custom fret marker design is the same Hibiscus design as Craig & Sarah’s Performance Instruments. This ‘ukulele will also features Kanile’a’s TRU-R modified bracing system, bridge pin set up, 1-1/2 inch nut width and UV cured Natural finish. On the inside of the instrument, there will be a special label, commemorating the 2020 ‘Ukulele Retreat, and a reminder that for every instrument given, a Koa tree will be planted. This is made possible by Kanile’a and the Reforest Hawai’i Project. 


All instruments come with a semi-hard case thanks to The ‘Ukulele Site.

Choose a Tenor or Concert scale solid mahogany with a white sand inlay.

For each ukulele, Reforest Hawai'i will plant a Koa tree to combat deforestation in Hawai'i.

the sponsors


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