Travel is more accessible than you think!

Don't let special needs keep you from enjoying your dream vacation.  From "somewhat inconvenient" limitations such as recovering from injury or surgery to profound disabilities,
we've got you covered.  

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Available Accessibility Equipment

Available equipment includes walkers, nebulizers, cpap machines, oxygen tanks or concentrators, scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs, lift chairs, recliners, hospital beds, insulin refrigerators, bathroom aids, patient lifts and more!




I'm delighted to work with
Resorts for Everyone

by Sandals

and their exceptional autism-friendly offerings.  Click the arrow to learn more. 



Royal Caribbean was not just the first to pursue autism training for their staff, they also (in my opinion) offer the most comprehensive options, including sensory friendly environments and specialized dining.  Click the arrow!


Autism on the Seas provides an avenue to financial assistance if you have a family member with autism.  Learn more by clicking HERE.


If you don't have the mobility, respiratory strength, or general stamina to keep up with a full-powered excursion, no worries!  AMA Waterways offers "Gentle Walkers" tours on many of its River Cruises.  Even better - on AMA your excursions are included!  Learn more by clicking HERE.
For a very comprehensive site on the topic of gentle excursions, click HERE.


Are you on peritoneal dialysis?  You can bring your supplies on the ship and do your exchanges in cabin or use your cycler in the evenings.

Are you on home hemodyalisis?  You can bring your portable machine on the ship.  We'll coordinate with the ship ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need.

Do you need in-center dialysis with medical staff attending?  I'll refer you to Dialysis at Sea, the largest service provider of this nature.  Click HERE to learn more about them.