Military Traveler Tips

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

My husband is a retired Marine and I was in the Air Force/National Guard, so we've long been privy to benefits afforded to military travelers.  I'm always surprised when military friends who travel less frequently aren't aware of these benefits!

So many uniforms, so much luggage!

Free Baggage When On Orders

Some airlines allow 4 checked bags for free!  These include Delta, Alaska, United, Southwest, American, and US Airways.  All you have to do is show your military ID at the counter.  This can be a great incentive to choose these airlines over their competitors.

TSA Precheck 

This one takes just a little effort.  You have to log into your frequent flyer accounts and in your profile, find the box that says "KNOWN TRAVELER ID".  Type in the DOD ID number from the back of your CAC card.  When your boarding pass prints at the airport, it will show the TSA folks that you're eligible to go through the precheck line.  You know... that line that never has anyone in it?   Note:  this is for the military member only and doesn't apply to accompanying spouse/children.

Hint:  Travel with your spouse often?  Consider paying for them to go through the normal TSA Precheck authorization process.  $100 buys you five years of shorter lines!


Early Boarding When On Orders

Early boarding is always extended to military members travelling in uniform.  However, it also extends to those travelling out of uniform.  Just show your orders at the gate.  

Happy Travels!

Marion K.

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