Tickets to "Anywhere"

You know the scene from so many movies.  A man and woman go up the airline counter and say "We just want the first tickets out of here.  The first tickets to anywhere."  They presumably pony up an exorbitant amount of money, and fly off into a brand new tomorrow.

Yes, please.

For most of us, that's only a dream... often due to constraints on our budgets and timing.  (I imagine these days that approach would get you some extra scrutiny by TSA as well.)  However, the sentiment rings true for those of us afflicted with wanderlust.

The desire to be "anywhere but here".  

  • I'm not sure what you've got, but most of the time I've got

  • a desire to GO

  • a set amount of money to work with

  • no particular destination

  • a reasonably flexible time frame

The good news?  Those are the ONLY things I need!  I'm fortunate to live near one small airport, and about two hours from two hub airports, so I have a lot of flexibility.

The tool:  Kayak Explore
The challenge:  $300 I earned selling old furniture on Craigslist.

Now, $300 isn't what I think of as "a lot to work with" when you're talking about airfare out of our small local airport.  Just flying the 200 miles to Chicago or Detroit often costs over half that amount!  Let's see what Kayak Explore can find for me...

I can get all the way to Fargo North, Dakota?  Wow!!  I've never been to North Dakota, and oddly I had the movie Fargo playing in the background as I wrote this post.

I click the little price bubble, then click an orange "Show Fare" button, and it tells me that this trip is on Delta on a Thursday through Sunday.  Easy enough to take two days off work!

Oh wait, hmm.  For just about the same amount, I can go to Austin, Texas April 5-12.  I bet Austin is beautiful in the spring.  I've been to Texas many time, but never to Austin.  And anyplace that has "Keep this city weird" as its motto is fine by me!

Oh, but Baltimore is also an option, but only for a weeknight overnight.  That's not enough time to have any fun.  Pass. What about Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota.....

All of a sudden I have so many options I need to flip a coin.  And if I am willing to drive the 2 hours to Chicago or Detroit (and store my car for $6 per night), the options multiply and diversify!!

Now, can I book your air travel for you? Of course. But that's a matter of convenience, not a matter of budget. These days there's not really a secret interface where travel agents are getting deals that are significantly better than what you're seeing online. (We do still have significant discounts in other areas, just not in airfare.)

So I encourage you to look for the flights that fit your budget, then call me at 1-800-990-3614 or to arrange your itinerary! Team work makes the dream work!

Happy Travels!

Marion K.

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